Using A Travel Agent vs Booking Online

With the rising popularity of travel discounts websites, many have forgotten about the tried and true source that has always been around for great travel deals. The travel agent is someone who can not only help you find a great deal but you get so much more with an agent than you get with an online site. Some online sites offer extras and can be helpful, but nothing beats having a real live person who can help you whenever the need arises. The next time you want to plan a trip, think about talking with someone at a travel agency before you go online.

When you go through a travel agency, you have someone to help you should anything happen to you or your travel plans. For instance, if you miss your flight, they will get you on the next available one. If you find out that your reserved room was given away due to your missed flight, your travel agent will get you another and maybe even an upgraded one, at no extra charge to you.

Your travel agent will also do all they can to find you the best deal. They have access to specials and packages that you can’t find anywhere else, and they will be more than willing to set you up with a package that you can afford. Your agent can also book tricky flight times and stopovers that you may not want to have to deal with when booking your own flights online. They take much of the hassle out of planning a trip.

Travel agents are also very attentive and detailed oriented. Many also do extras for their clients such as getting them complimentary upgrades, sending a bottle of wine to their rooms and much more.  You can always book online but remember that going with a travel agent might be the best choice you ever made. Vacations are about relaxing, and the last thing you should have to worry about is making your own arrangements and trying to fix things when something goes wrong. Let someone else do the worrying for you.

Top 10 Benefits of Purchasing Travel Insurance

Top 10 Benefits of Purchasing Travel Insurance


Most travelers spend a lot of time and money on planning the perfect vacation, but forget the #1 most important purchase, Travel Insurance.  Below we will outline the benefits of purchasing travel insurance.  There’s nothing better than having that peace of mind while you are traveling!

  1. Cancelation Fees and Lost Deposits: Often vacations are sold as packages, and when they are, there are parts of your trip that can be canceled causing you to incur cancelation fees and lost deposits.  This also covers you if life happens, and you need to cancel your trip for any reason.
  2. Medical Expenses: While you never intend on getting sick on vacation, a situation can arise that requires more attention than the in-house doctor at a resort.  This will cover you if you have to go to the hospital or clinic in the area
  3. Overseas medical expenses: Traveling overseas can be daunting when you get sick and/or get hurt and require immediate emergency medical attention.  Medical expenses in foreign countries can be very expensive.  Your travel insurance will cover you.
  4. Dangerous Activities during your trip: If you are the adventurous type, it’s a great idea to purchase travel insurance.  Again, not that you intend to get hurt, but it’s always a good idea, especially if you plan on hiking up a mountain, hiking up a volacano, zip-lining, etc.
  5. Accidental Death or Permanent Dismemberment: Unfortunately, things like this occur to travelers. You will have access to the help you need should this tragic event occur.  It may cover additional travel, additional room and board, change of flights, etc.
  6. Car accidents: While traveling you may rent a car to get around.  Travel Insurance may cover if you get into an accident and any repairs or costs that are associated with it.
  7. Loss of luggage: We’ve all been there.  We get off the plane and our luggage isn’t there.  Having insurance can help replace your belongings for the duration of your trip in the event that your luggage becomes lost.
  8. Lost or Stolen Cash: While traveling, there may be people that prey on tourists.  It’s always a great idea that you keep track of your wallet and your cash.  In the event that your cash gets stolen, travel insurance may replace your stolen cash so that you can enjoy the rest of your trip.
  9. Legal Expenses: There are some countries that have strict laws we may not know about.  If you happen to find yourself incarcerated in a foreign country, travel insurance will help you recoup any charges for lawyers, bail, etc.
  10. 24 hour assistance: Most travel insurance companies offer a 24 hour hotline to answer any questions that you have or if one of these incidents should occur.  They will help you find local resources that offer assistance during times of emergency.  This is especially invaluable in countries that do not speak your language.

As travel insurance goes, not all policies are alike.  It is important to read your entire policy BEFORE you leave on your trip and to know how and what you are covered for.  It is also very important to take a copy of your policy information with you as well as the contact information for the travel insurance company.  While travel insurance cannot help people avoid misfortunes during their travels, purchasing travel insurance provides that extra coverage you need to give you peace of mind that if things were to go wrong, you’re covered.  #travelinsurance #travel #jusadventures

Jus Adventures’ Guatemala 2017 Trip

Last month, we toured the beautiful country of Guatemala. Our preferred supplier, Tours For The World, organized an amazing trip to this Central American country for us. If you don’t know a lot about Guatemala, take it from me, it’s magnificent. Home to over 30 volcanoes, rain forests, Lake Atitlan and ancient Mayan sites, Guatemala is a country full of history, culture and natural beauty.


Our journey to Guatemala started with an early morning (1:55am)flight from JFK to Guatemala City on Copa Airlines on Saturday, July 23rd. Once we arrived at La Aurora International Airport in Guatemala City, we were picked up by our fabulous tour guide Willie. Before bringing us to our 1st hotel, the Barcelo Guatemala City, he took us for a mini tour and recommended the amazing Kacao restaurant as a good place to have lunch. We dined for a few hours over some great food and cocktails all while listening to live, traditional music being played by the house band. After our lunch, we walked around for a bit to enjoy our free day. Later that night, we had another delicious meal at Facundo, a local Argentinian Steakhouse.

The next day, Willie and our driver picked us up and took us to Chichicastenango. On our way there, he stop by a local restaurant where he surprised me and my friend Lyn with 2 slices of birthday cake (since we were both celebrating our birthdays on this trip). After that, we went to the markets and shopped all day. We then arrived to our hotel, the Porta Hotel Del Lago, and spent the reminder of the day drinking and hanging out at the pool. That night, Willie took us to Restaurante Atlantis where we had another great dinner and partied for a few hours.


On Monday July 24th we woke up very early to take a boat across Lake Atitlan. When we arrived in Santiago Atitlan, a small lake town with a strong indigenous identity, we were in awe. Willie asked us if we wanted to take a local tuk tuk through the town or jump on the back of a truck…we unanimously choose to get on the back of the truck (that was so much fun!). He then took us around for a tour and afterwards we stopped at the cutest little coffee shop, Cafe Rafa, to have coffee. Afterwards we got back on our boat, checked out of our hotel and headed to Antigua.


As soon as we arrived in Antigua, I knew I would love it. Antigua was the former capital of Guatemala and it boasts many beautiful Spanish colonial buildings and is a tourist hotspot. There are many different restaurants, coffee shops, markets and tons of things to do there. As soon as we arrived, Willie took us to the Jade Maya Museum and Factory where we learned how the Mayans used jade and saw how it is being made into jewelry today. After that and a quick walk around town, we checked into our stunning hotel, the Camino Real Antigua. Later that night we walked around the market and found a great Chinese restaurant where we had dinner and then called it a night.


The next day we checked out of our hotel and headed back home (even though no one was ready to leave). All in all this was one of my favorite trips. Everything about it was amazing…the food, the people, the landscape, our guide, etc. I can’t wait to visit Guatemala again. If you or anyone you know are interested in putting together a trip to Guatemala, please let us know.



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Top 10 Most Romantic Honeymoon Destinations

Top 10 Most Romantic Honeymoon Destinations

You met THE ONE. You fell in love. You got engaged. You’re planning your wedding. Now, the honeymoon planning starts. You should start planning your honeymoon at least 10 months before your wedding day. First, narrow down to a list of places you’d like to see, and explore with the love of your life. We have narrowed down the Top 10 Most Romantic Honeymoon Destinations. There is a beautiful city to fit all budgets, all lifestyles, and all honeymoon couples. Here they are:
Bora Bora, French Polynesia
From turquoise waters to white sand beaches, Bora Bora is the idealistic destination to relax and unwind after the whirlwind of all the wedding planning. #romance
Cape Town, South Africa
Don’t know what kind of honeymoon you’re looking for? Cape Town has it all. Beautiful beaches, the hustle and bustle of the city, and close proximity to amazing safaris and wineries.
Bali, Indonesia
Called a “living postcard”, Bali is picturesque. White sandy beaches, lush greenery, and some of the greatest diving spots in the world.
Santorini, Greece
From the pristine white buildings to the deep blue waters, Santorini offers beautiful sunsets and quaint towns to explore.
Venice, Italy
Romantic gondola rides through the infamous canals, waterfront restaurants that offer some of the best Italian cuisine, Venice offers some of the most romantic scenery in the world.
Sonoma, California
Rolling hills of luscious grape vines, Sonoma is home to some of the best wines in the world. Enjoy a glass or two on a romantic stroll through the greenery or even visit the Redwood Forest and go for an afternoon picnic.
Paris, France
Known as the city of love, Paris offers spectacular views and romantic walks throughout. There’s a reason why couples fall in love all over again in Paris…. Find out for yourself! #romance
Orkney, Scotland
Scotland is an amazing getaway for the history lovers. From beautiful historic castles to the dramatic seascapes, the Orkney Islands has something to everyone.
Harbour Island, Bahamas
Fall in love with the beautiful pink sandy beaches of Harbour Island. Romantic strolls with frozen drinks, hand in hand, during to-die-for sunsets.
Savannah, Georgia
Savannah is a beautiful, charming, picture perfect Southern town. Sip delicious mint juleps while taking a romantic walk downtown admiring the architecture and southern hospitality.

So, whether you are looking for #romance or looking to #explore the city, there is something out there for everyone! Give us a call today and we can help you plan the trip of a lifetime! #truelove #jusadventures #honeymoon

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