Host Agency FAQ

Who can join?

Jus Adventures Travel Services Host Agency Program only accepts U.S. Citizens or U.S. Residents residing in the 50 U.S. States including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

What does it cost to become an independent agent for Jus Adventures?

For a limited time, we have no enrollment or set up fees and it cost only $24.99 per month to join.

Am I an employee of Jus Advventures?

No, you are not an employee. You are an independent contractor and can use your own business name. You will be using our travel agent association ids (True and CLIA) to make bookings.

I live outside the US can I join?

Unfortunately no. We do not accept agents outside of the United States.


We offer our agents unlimited email and phone support 7 days a week.

Airline tickets?

Most airlines do not pay commission anymore. However those that do, they have given us an online account to receive commission. We do not issue airline tickets but work with suppliers who offer airline tickets. An example of one of these companies is Centrav.

Commission split?

Our commission split is among the industry’s highest (80-90% based on productivity).

What can I book?

Hotels, rental cars, train tickets, airline tickets, cruises, tours, Disney World passes, and other attractions. Anything that offers agent’s commission. If the supplier does not offer commission you can choose to charge your client a fee for your time and work. Most airlines are no longer paying a commission. However, you can charge service fees or if the client needs a hotel or car with their airline tickets, you can turn it into a package which may yield you a higher commission.

How will I book trips?

There is no one way to make bookings. Each supplier is different. Many times you will book online. But there will be times where you need to call a supplier to make a booking. Many suppliers pay higher commissions if you book online, but there will be times that a supplier either does not offer online booking or you just need to speak to a human being. We don’t have a website where you can book everything because there is no such thing. Any agency that tells you there is a computer system that allows you to make bookings with all suppliers, is not offering all the options for booking. There are 1000’s of suppliers that you can work with but we will give you a list of our preferred (suppliers that we know work well with, pay great commission, and pay timely).

Without an ID card, how do I make bookings?

A travel agent ID card is not what is used for making bookings. You use an Travel Agency ID number (True, Clia, Iata, etc) You will be booking reservations using one of our numbers.  ID cards are for travel agent identification for fam trips or other travel agent events. They are not used for making bookings. Most ID card have sale requirements i.e. Iatan cards are earned when you make $5000 or more in commissions in a year. That means you must have been paid by our agency $5000 or more in a year period to qualify.

Can I charge a service fee for my work to clients?

Absolutely. Jus Adventures can charge your clients a service fee through our merchant account or you can charge them directly. Please note that anything Jus Adventures process on your behalf will be assessed a fee (the same as your commission split).

How many hours do I have to work?

It is YOUR business and you get to choose when you work. It is expected that you are checking your email and take training’s regularly. When clients are traveling you are on call 24/7. Jus Adventures does not have an 800 line for your clients to call in an emergency. However, many of our suppliers do have that option. You need to be available for your clients should they run into any problems while traveling.

When will I be paid on the bookings?

You are paid after travel is completed by the client and the payment has been received by us from the supplier. Rule of Thumb: 60 – 90 days after the clients has RETURNED from travel. Commission is paid by check only on the 1st and  15th of each month.

Any other charges from Jus Adventures besides the $24.99?

Nothing else that’s mandatory but we do offer an upgraded version of our CRM which includes your own website, marketing materials that you can send directly to your clients and more for only $48 a year ($4 a month).

How do I get customers?

– Let people know you are in business
– Leave your business cards in places
– Create a FREE Facebook Business page.

When can I start to make bookings?

Right away. As soon as we process your application we will send you a training manual which has detailed instructions on how to make bookings.

Can I get a website?

Yes! You can create one on your own or use the one provided to you when you upgrade your crm.

How do I make client payments?

Client payments are made directly to the travel supplier using the clients credit card. You will have the client fill out a credit card authorization form (available in our upgraded crm version or you can create your own). You can then make payments on the reservation directly to the supplier. Payments can be made online or by phone depending on the supplier. Clients may pay by check but there are special rules concerning these payments and the process may be lengthy. Pricing and availability are not guaranteed if payment is not made on time, so this is not a recommended method.

How do I know this is not a scam?

The only real way to know if we are legitimate is to do your research. You can also do a web search for Samantha Murdock (our owner) or Jus Adventures TRavel Services and read what is online. We are in good standing with the Floral Park Chambers of Commerce, CLIA,  CCRA, NACTA, and BNI.

What if I decide this isn’t right for me?

If you decide you no longer want to work with us, we ask that you submit your request in writing before you are billed for the following month. Alternatively you have a 5 day grace period if you miss a subscription payment. After the 5 days, you account will be suspended. After 30 days, your account will be automatically cancelled.