Shuchi Vyas

Luxury Travel Consultant

Specialization: South & Southeast Asia, Destination Groups, Honeymoons, Immersive Experiences, Offbeat Countries, Volunteer Travel and Dive Vacations.

Favorite Destination: Indonesia: a multitude of cultures, religions, terrain and customs bundled up into one gorgeous, welcoming and vast country of 13,000 islands. Her dream is to have one day dived all of the possible locations in Indonesia. Chile: The most breathtaking views and warmest, most genuine people.

Dream Destination: Iceland: This magical country promises a cultural and visual experience that will be a soul vacation. Bhutan: Tugging at the environmentalist and vegan in her, after seeing Bhutan’s Prime Minister’s TED talk, Shuchi has been wanting to take a one-way flight there.

Shuchi integrates authentic local experiences and meaningful interactions, helping her travelers come home with more than just pictures. A lifetime of memories that they will cherish and friendships that cut across boundaries of culture and society. She encourages her clients to ‘travel outside the lines’ and gain from their trips what their truly desire.

Her passion for authentic and unique travel experiences stems from the numerous solo trips she’s been taking for over a decade. Her travel goal is to accomplish more offbeat countries before the rest of the world discovers them. Shuchi traveled all of 2015 while learning new skills, working with local nonprofit organizations and hitchhiking. Shuchi learned more about life, herself, and cultures than she would in her eight years in NYC. She now wants to help short-term travelers immerse themselves in a similar way. You can follow Shuchi and her travel diaries on Instagram @ shuch_a_wanderer