Travel Agent 101

Travel Agent 101 (6-Week Program)

Are you feeling completely overwhelmed or don’t know where to start as a travel agent? As a travel agent, there are certain type of skills, training and certification necessary to provide travel services for clients–whether you work at an established travel agency, as an independent contractor, or as a home-based travel agent.

Our Travel Agent 101 help you navigate through all the information by showing you where to start and how to run your business effectively. This 6 weeks live course will cover all the basics of being a travel agent and will includes:

  • Introduction to the travel profession
  •  Marketing and promotion (including how to build up your  social media followers and engagement)
  •  Step by step instructions on how to create a quote
  •  Managing your business
  •  Group basics
  •  How to choose a niche
  • and much more…

This course will be conducted live by Samantha Hammond on Wednesdays at 7:30pm est and is open to all travel agents. If you miss a session, a recorded copy will be sent to you.

The next session will begin on November 14th – December 19th.